Horizontal Curb Sawing near Akron, OH

We have 20+ years experience cutting horizontal concrete curbs for driveways and to lower driveway entrances. Our large horizontal curb saw is used by residential and commercial builders for cutting all varieties of concrete curb. Our curb cutting machine is capable of sawing angles anywhere from 0 to 30 degrees.

Depending on local regulations, we can saw the concrete curb flush with the street or leave an inch or more for the gutter. We are very competitive when pricing curb saw jobs in and around Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown Ohio. Contact us today for a quote!

How Does Curb Sawing Work?

Information About Horizontal Curb Cutting

Our horizontal concrete curb saw is the size of a small pickup truck. It rides on four wheels with a mounted hydraulic-powered cutting head. We can mount larger blades to cut concrete horizontally up to 18" thick.

The most complete method for repairing a curb with a high reveal is to:

  1. 1. Sawcut, break, and remove the last 2 to 4 feet at the end of the driveway slab, then
  2. 2. horizontally cut the curb down to desired height. Typically about 2" from the street gutter, then
  3. 3. Pour back the driveway slab to match the newly cut curb.

A more affordable option for most homeowners is to have the driveway curb sawcut and ground lower. This often involves using a combination of saw blades and grinding heads to cut the curb down and grind the driveway slab to ease the transition.

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