Overview of Our Concrete Core Drilling Services

When it comes to core drilling, we've seen most everything. We offer the most competitive pricing for core drilling in and around Akron, Ohio. Contact us today for a quote!

How Does Core Drilling Work?

Information About Diamond Core Drilling

Frequently needed by nearly every construction trade will need a hole drilled through concrete, brick, or block at some point. We're on-time, quick, and clean! We have wide variety of diamond core bits and core drilling equipment.

There are more variables in core drilling than in any other type of cutting, being competent in core drilling is the foundation of a good concrete cutter.

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  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Job Address and Relevant Driving Directions
  • How many holes do you need? What diameter?
  • How thick is the wall or floor to drill?
  • What kind of material are we drilling, eg: brick, asphalt or concrete?
  • What level of cleanliness will be required?
  • Is there adequate power and water on site?
  • Is there a dumpster avialable for debris?
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Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of past concrete core drilling projects
completed throughout the State of Ohio

  • All
  • Asphalt Core Drilling
  • Concrete Core Drilling
  • Manholes and Catch Basins
  • Challenging Setups
48" Diameter Core Drill

Thru 12" thick concrete wall

Monument Boxes

Typically 24" Diameter

Duke Looking Bored

"Ok, now what?"

Kevin Core Drilling a 20"

"Hardest part is setup"

Duke Drilling His 1st

Thats an 18" hole

Setup is Tedius

Take your time

Prep is the Key

Always prepare your openings

Brian Looking Triumphant

"Winner! Winner!"

Brian and Duane

Settint Up

Keep it Level

Used available materials

Whoa, Steep Angle!

That's a professional!

Anthony Getting Dirty

This one took 8 hours!

Kevin Drilling in Concrete Columns

Placement Was Essential

Yep, Still Kevin

What a Pro!

This Whole Row is Kevin

Not a Happy Day for Him

Core Drilling Manhole at an Angle

Setup was a Challenge

Wood? You want me to drill through wood?

It had 1" of concrete on top

Drilling Holes for Akron Zoo

Spotted HAWG in the wild!

Brian Loading Up

Where's the box truck?