Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Akron, Ohio

We provide wall sawing services throughout Northeast Ohio including Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown. Our hydraulic wall saws can sawcut concrete up to 24 inches thick. Our Concrete Wall Saw makes short work of cutting large openings for overhead doors, loading docks, egress windows, and more.

How Does Wall Sawing Work?

Information About Concrete Wall Sawing

A wall saw is propelled along tracks mounted to the surface, and it is the ideal tool for making long, straight horizontal or vertical cuts through thick concrete walls. Wall sawing is especially useful in cases where such cuts would be difficult or impossible to make with a handheld saw. Our wall sawing prices are competitive and we bring a wealth of experience to your next concrete opening project.

Our wall saws can cut up to 24" thick and are able to cut flush to adjacent floors or walls.

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  • How thick? What Length? What Width? What Height?
  • What kind of material are we drilling, eg: brick, block or concrete?
  • What level of cleanliness will be required?
  • Is there adequate power and water on site?
  • What is your timeframe for completion?
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