Concrete Cutting Services in Akron, Ohio

Concrete Cutting Systems delivers professional concrete sawing and drilling services throughout Akron and all of Northeast Ohio. Headquartered from 545 Grant Street in Akron, Ohio and we provide sawing and drilling services to all of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and surrounding states. Concrete Cutting Systems has delivered quality service for more than 40 years.

Core Drilling Services for Hire

Concrete Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is the staple of our business! Frequently needed by HVAC, electrical, and plumbing contractors, nearly every major construction project will need a hole drilled through brick, block or concrete at some point. We are dedicated to being on-time, quick, and clean! We have bits and rigs that can cut a hole up to 4 feet in diameter.

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Experienced Concrete and Asphalt Sawing

Concrete Road Sawing Services

"Flat" or "slab" saws are designed to cut concrete pavement, slabs, or other flatwork in order to create joints, delineate edges, or to remove and replace deteriorated sections of concrete/asphalt.

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Concrete Wall & Concrete Floor Openings

Wall sawing akron ohio

Our professional concrete wall saw is propelled along tracks mounted to the surface, and it is the ideal tool for making long, straight horizontal or vertical cuts through thick concrete walls.

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Horizontal Concrete Curb Sawing

horizontal curb cutting

We do residential driveway curb cuts. We work with some of the most notable home builders in the area cutting and improving driveway aprons and approaches all over Norhteast Ohio. Home owners frequently call us to lower their curbs to prevent bottom of their cars scraping along the concrete curb.

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Professional Concrete Removal and Replacement Services

interior electric concrete sawing services

Our concrete sawing, concrete breaking, & concrete removal services are often used by general contrators, plumbers, and electricians who need access to buried utilities.

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Akron Area Distributor of Equipment, Anchors, Fasteners, & Supplies

We can offer you a catalog of over 10000 items w/ competitve pricing and honest availability

Find Us in Akron, Ohio and Beyond

Concrete Cutting Systems as been a staple of the Akron area for over 40 years. We are a service-oriented organization offering concrete cutting services throughout Northeast Ohio.

We're located at 545 Grant Street in Akron, Ohio and we service all of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and surrounding states