Concrete Drilling Services

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Akron, Ohio

Diamond core drilling is the staple of our business! Frequently needed by HVAC, electrical, and plumbing contractors, nearly every major construction project will need a hole drilled through brick or concrete block at some point. We're on-time, quick, and clean!   We have bits and rigs that can cut a hole up to 4 feet in diameter. When it comes to core drilling, we've seen it all. Don't forget - we offer the most competitive pricing for core drilling in and around Akron, Ohio. Contact us today for a quote!

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Concrete Flat Sawing Services

Use Us for Pavement Sawing

"Flat" or "slab" saws are designed to cut concrete pavements, slabs, or other flatwork in order to create joints, delineate edges, or to remove and replace deteriorated concrete. Concrete sawing, Akron, Ohio.

Over the years, we have cut countless miles of highways, bridges, and parking lots. Our largest saw can cut material up to 24 inches thick! The bulk of our sawcutting fleet Our fleet also features several smaller units that are great for cutting trenches for access to buried utilities.

Our electric flat saws are a must for inside jobs when diesel engines are prohibited. Don't forget, we can haul away the debris, plus we can replace what we take out, and we will beat any competitors bid! Contact us today to learn more.

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We Offer Affordable Wall Sawing Services in Akron, Ohio

We Specialize in Concrete Wall Openings

We offer wall sawing services throughout Northeast Ohio including Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown. Our hydraulic wall saws can sawcut concrete up to 24 inches thick. Our Concrete Wall Saw makes short work of cutting large openings for overhead doors, loading docks, egress windows, and more.

Our professional concrete wall saw is propelled along tracks mounted to the surface, and it is the ideal tool for making long, straight horizontal or vertical cuts through thick concrete walls. Wall sawing is especially useful in cases where such cuts would be difficult or impossible to make with a handheld saw. Our wall sawing prices are competitive and we bring a wealth of experience to your next concrete opening project. Contact us today for a quote!

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Horizontal Curb Cuts for Driveways

Concrete Curb Cutting/Sawing, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown Ohio

We have 20+ years experience cutting horizontal concrete curbs for driveways and to lower driveway entrances. Our large horizontal curb saw is used by residential and commercial builders for cutting all varieties of concrete curb. Our curb cutting machine is capable of sawing angles anywhere from 0 to 30 degrees. Homeowners often want to cut driveway curb to stop scraping the bottom of their cars. We do residential driveway curb cuts. Depending on local regulations, we can saw the concrete curb flush with the street or leave an inch or more for the gutter. We are very competitive when pricing curb saw jobs in and around Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown Ohio. Contact us today for a quote!

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Interior Concrete Sawing and Removal

We Are Experts at Concrete Demolition

Our concrete sawing, concrete breaking, & concrete removal services are often used by contractors, plumbers, and electricians who need access to buried utilities. We have electric saws and jack hammers that are safe to use indoors. Our concrete demolition crew can remove the concrete by hand, but also, we have trained Bobcat and forklift drivers to remove large areas of concrete slabs. We also provide excavation services.

We can haul away the debris upon request, and we also have a crew of trained concrete finishers that will replace the concrete when you need it. Unlike many of our competitors, we strive to exceed expectations by being on time, and at or below budget. Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about our concrete sawing, breaking, & removal services. We can match or beat any competitor's estimate!

Our service area includes all of Ohio including cities like Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Mansfield, & Columbus. We also service Pennsylvania cities ike Pittsburgh, Altoona, State College, & Harrisburg. Don't forget about West Virginia and Kentucky too!

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