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Concrete Cutting, Other Services

Debris Removal/Hauling

In general, solid concrete weighs about 150 pounds per cubic foot. Often times, we cut, break, and remove several tons of concrete from a wall or floor. Upon request, we will load and haul away old concrete that we've removed.



Concrete Pouring/Replacement

Available as and add-on to our typical Saw-Break-Remove services, we can also replace concrete. This is usually needed after we've cut a trench for access to buried utilities.

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Concrete Chain Sawing

We have a hydraulic chain saw that is often needed in tight spots where the larger wall saw can't fit. We also use the chain saw to provide overcut protection when we wall saw. It leaves the opening with crisp, clean corners.

Trusted Distributor and Carhartt Retailer

We are a trusted name in Akron when it comes to concrete saw blades and fasteners. We also carry a variety of product lines, from duct tape to heavy duty equipment. Contact us to learn about our great deals from Diamond Products, Husqvarna, Metabo, and More!!

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